Help Children in Need and Create a Brighter Future

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When children have a safe and caring place to call home, it helps them grow physically, emotionally, and mentally. At Hope House Foundation, we provide transitional housing to help children in need through the assistance of our community. Keep reading to see how our resources help children thrive.

Help Children in Need and Create a Brighter Future

  • Health and Well-Being. Children provided with stable housing can play and exercise in a safe environment, which is essential for their physical growth. Their time in our transitional housing program also allows them to flourish and gain much-needed self-confidence.
  • Improved Mental Health. Children feel less anxious and stressed knowing they have a place to call home. This lets them focus on their mental growth and work on forming strong emotional bonds. When children don’t have this consistency, they are more likely to struggle.
  • Better Stability. The children who live in our transitional living community gain needed stability regarding education as well. Not only can they attend school consistently, but they also have a safe and supportive place to do their homework.
  • Hope for Tomorrow. Children with a safe place to live can create big dreams, set goals, and work hard to reach them. While only temporary, the children who stay with us begin to understand the importance of these things, giving them more hope for the future.

Our program is set up to help children in need, offering a stable home for them and their mothers for up to six months while they utilize our many available resources. You can help children in need by donating or volunteering. If you’re curious about our mission and the programs we offer, reach out today to learn more.