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Your donation provides support for our ongoing efforts to remedy situational homelessness in our area.

At Hope House Foundation, our mission is to provide hope and healing for homeless women throughout the Lake Norman, North Carolina area. We do this by offering supportive services, such as transitional housing and education that focuses on life skills and career options. However, we can’t provide these valuable resources without the help of corporate donations.

Corporate Donations in Lake Norman, North Carolina

One of the main services we offer women in need is our temporary housing facility. This home environment allows women and their children the chance to stay somewhere safe while they gather the skills needed to live on their own. The women who seek our assistance are struggling with “situational” homelessness, which is not a result of abuse or substance use. Rather, they’ve hit hard times and need assistance to get back on their feet. This housing facility is located on four acres and can house up to 12 people. Our skilled team manages the home to ensure the residents have the support they need while living there.

With corporate donations, we’re able to continue offering this much-needed service and work on reducing the homeless issue that affects our community. You can make corporate donations online at our website or discuss sponsorship opportunities with a member of our team. When making corporate donations online, you can also choose if the donation offers one-time support or ongoing support.

Regardless, we appreciate anything you’re willing to give. If you have questions about donations, sponsorships, or the services we offer, contact our team today.

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